Iron Muscle IV gym game v1.254 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

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Descriptions :Iron Muscle with completely new content as well as game mechanics offers players the funniest moments with

Descriptions :

Iron Muscle with completely new content as well as game mechanics offers players the funniest moments with realistic in-game exercises, friendly configuration and great details to help players get the most realistic experience possible. Participate in the game; Players will go through a series of difficult drills to challenge player’s character and then you will use your trained body to compete with many other players for first place in bodybuilding tournament.


The most important thing for a virtual role-playing game is that players can actively create a character of their liking in order to perfect the gaming experience and add a certain appeal to the game. You can use the characters you create. Playing with different facial features that you can easily choose allows you to customize and change the look, mainly the face of your chosen character. Do you want to have a wild wild face or a pretty face, white skin or tanned skin? Join the game to create your own character and become the champion. Choose a character, train hard to have a strong and fit body, then win many achievements.


Just like in reality, players have to go through certain hardships to train their muscles if they want to have a nice toned body. The game also offers you an extremely realistic game mechanics when your muscular beauty is completely dependent on you exercising more or less to own a beautiful body. Try to do a lot of extreme exercises, increase the frequency and make your muscles look muscular so that with tireless efforts you can win the bodybuilding championship. Create for you separate exercises to improve health and increase resistance to get better every day.


Muscle flexing might seem like it should be difficult or time consuming for you to enjoy. However, this is not always the case. If, on the other hand, the game offers you a straightforward game mechanism and you don’t have to do too many complicated operations. The only thing you have to do is swipe and drag to control the lifting weights or jog to complete the game requirements. Otherwise wiping and pulling is enough. Increasing your manipulation will improve your physique and allow you to have a great physique unlike anything you’ve ever had before.


A game becomes less attractive when it just repeats a few simple exercises without distinction. This game offers you a variety of bodybuilding exercises that are constantly changing from style to style. The drill request scene allows you to diversify your gaming experience and learn drills from your own game. You have to get used to the increasing difficulty of the game exercises, so although this game is simple in gameplay, you need specific skills to play better and have a good body and a more beautiful image.


It’s fantastic when the details of the body, such as muscles or skin, are thoughtfully represented to give players wonderfully realistic experiences. You will find the game more intriguing if it offers you quality graphics and the appropriate level of sharpness, as the game serves the traditional goals of entertainment while teaching you important lessons.

If you put it into practice, you can benefit from it. It is definitely worth downloading this game if you are a fitness enthusiast due to the numerous benefits that the game offers and the numerous features that users can enjoy.

Features :

* The 3D image quality with sharp, realistic finishing details creates a great user experience.
* The operation of the game is effortless and does not cause any complications in order to diversify the benefits beyond gaming purposes.
* Train your body and compete with many other players in a bodybuilding competition; try to win.
* A coach specifically guides players to adapt to the game and practice faster.
* Players can learn a lot from the game that is not limited to mere entertainment and give you new experiences.
* Career mode. Defeat other players in bodybuilding tournaments to become the champion.
* 12 muscle groups that can be developed separately.
* 20+ muscle training for a complete pump!
* Learnable muscle poses.
* Nutritional supplements to help you grow faster

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